About Sango Association


Sango Association, founded in January 2004, is a voluntary membership organization of Kenyans and friends living in the Chicago area.

Our members believe that education is a tangible way to address poverty. And that hope is the most available and powerful motivation for those struggling with a myriad of problems in Kenya, Africa.

Specifically, our association has special interest in its home region, Luo Nyanza. As the Sango Association constitution states:

"To seek ways, financial or otherwise, to respond to specific and ranking needs in Luoland, including but not limited to secondary, and where applicable, college education."


The purpose of the Sango Association is to foster synergistic partnerships dedicated to enhancing the education and educational achievement of disadvantaged high school students in Luo Nyanza Kenya. 


The objectives of the Sango Association are to:

Provide financial assistance to deserving students who are either orphans and/or living in poverty and cannot afford high school fees.

Assist schools in Luo Nyanza to acquire much needed expendables and laboratory equipment, books, computers, and physical improvements to the schools.


Otieno Ochieng - Chair
Teresa Wasonga - Secretary
Edwin Okoth - Treasurer

Non-Profit Status

Based in the United States, Sango Association is registered under section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS as a non-profit organization.